Buyer Policy

Please study the following points carefully before placing an order, buying or making transactions on CostOK. By placing an order on the website, you are agreeing to follow the following terms, conditions, information and limits. Failing to follow the following might result in damages which will not be compensated by CostOK.

  • The buyers can place orders for the listed products.
  • The buyers can post requirements for products and services which they need in the future. This feature is completely free.
  • CostOK is a B2B website where buyers and sellers can interact so the buyers are requested to know the seller well and read the Terms & Conditions before pacing the order. CostOK is not any way responsible for defected products or services.
  • If the buyer pays in full for a product or service after placing the order, voluntarily or under seller request, and doesn’t receive the product or receives defected products, the company will not be held responsible for that. This is a B2B marketplace and the buyer should settle the payment and product delivery with the seller directly.
  • CostOK doesn’t facilitate product delivery and the buyer is requested to confirm the name of the courier or cargo services the seller would use to send the product, directly from the seller. Furthermore, the buyer is also requested to check whether the product delivery is free of cost or he needs to pay extra for that.
  • The buyer is requested to stay in constant touch with the seller, right from placing the order to successful delivery of the order. Once the buyer receives the product, he is requested to log in to his buyer panel and rate the product and the seller, as per his best belief.
  • The buyer is requested to place order for at least 100 pieces as this is a B2B marketplace and single orders might not be sent by the seller.
  • If the buyer is looking for discounts, they should get in touch with the seller directly and negotiate for the same. CostOK does not offer discounts and promotional offers.

*Important Buyer Notes*

  • The buyer is sincerely requested to know as much possible about the seller via phone, email, website or other means before making the payment. They are requested not to make payment before knowing and verifying the seller details. If any complications arise from failing to follow these, the buyer will be responsible for that. The admin or CostOK will not be held responsible for the damages in any way.