Seller Policy

Seller policy:-

Please go through the following terms, conditions, criteria and other important notes. You are allowed to use our services only if you agree to comply the following.

  • CostOK (hereafter mentioned as “the company”) functions only as a mediator between the buyers and sellers.
  • Sellers can register their account on our website for free.
  • The seller must provide his email id, contact number and company name while registering. We might verify any or all of these.
  • If you fail to verify any of these information or provide wrong information, the admin will not activate your account. The company will not be held responsible for such actions, under any circumstances. CostOK, at its sole discretion, will be the final authority on this.
  • The seller either needs to send an email id to the admin from the provided email id or contact the admin via phone or other allowed medium to confirm the information provided. The account will be activated only after the verification.
  • The sellers are requested not to share any personal and confidential information with the admin including bank account or debit/credit card number.
  • A free seller account holder is allowed to enlist only 10-20 products on the website.
  • The seller will not enlist any used, refurbished, defected or unpacked items on the website. If you are found violating this, the admin, at his sole discretion, will suspend the account. No prior warning will be sent to the seller.
  • The seller will not enlist any fake or counterfeit items on the website. If you are found violating this, the admin, at his sole discretion, will suspend the account. No prior warning will be sent to the seller.
  • The website will only allow the seller to receive orders. These orders can be checked from the order section of the seller account. The seller needs to check the order from there and confirm the product with the customer.
  • The seller can contact and discuss to finalise the payment method for the order. The seller is free to accept different payments including prepaid and Cash on Delivery.
  • If the seller wants to provide discount, they can generate coupons from the seller panel. They can generate coupon code for particular products and then share those codes anywhere they want.
  • The seller is not allowed to change the product details or delete the product. If they want to change products details including descriptions, price, image or something else, they need to send such request to the admin with a justification. Only after that they will receive the authentication for edit.
  • If the seller wishes to list more than 20 products, they need to upgrade their account they need to contact the admin who will change their status to unlimited. This is a paid feature and the sellers are allowed to choose different packages. The payments are to be made to CostOK via check or NEFT only. No cash transaction is allowed. The account will be upgraded after CostOK receives the payment successfully. Select Package link
  • If the seller can not add products, due to any reason, they can send a list of all the products in an excel sheet to the admin. This sheet should contain all the information about the product. The admin will upload the products on behalf of the seller but the seller needs to pay for this added service. Prodcut Exel Format Download link Here
  • If the seller doesn’t have own website, CostOK will create the website for him. This is a paid service and the cost depends on the type of website needed. Please click here for more information on this, :

* Seller Important Nots

  • The seller is advised to despatch the product only after receiving payment or assuring cash on delivery or any other mutually agreed mode of payment. If the seller sends the products without confirming the payment, CostOK will not be held responsible for it. The seller will not hold CostOK responsible nor are allowed to blame the admin of anything.
  • The seller needs to decide and finalise how to deliver the product to the buyer, including choosing the courier or cargo service and successfully delivering the product. This is the responsibility of the seller alone and the company will not help the seller in this nor does the company provide such services.
  • The seller and the buyer are requested not to store any financial details or transactional details on the website. If any damage is done from storing such data on the website, the seller or the buyer would be responsible for that. CostOK will not be held responsible for any such damages nor will compensate the losses in any way.
  • The seller is advised to inform the buyer immediately after despatching the order, informing him or her of the same. Once the product has been successfully delivered, the seller needs to confirm the same from the buyer and need to update the order status as “Order Completed”, in the seller panel. The seller also needs to communicate the same to the admin and the buyer.